Summer Pregnancy Must Have Products

The Best Products for a Summer Pregnancy

The 5 Best Products for a Summer Pregnancy

A summer pregnancy is great in many ways. You get to wear light and lose clothing, you don’t have to stuff swollen feet into winter boots and let’s face it, when you’re at home, you can probably hang out in your underwear! Sounds great right? It can be, but whilst a summer pregnancy can be easy for some part, it also comes with it’s struggles. It’s hot, so hot. You’re uncomfortable and possibly suffering with morning sickness. As your belly is getting bigger and bigger, you’re getting more and more uncomfortable and the heat can make it feel unbearable. Although a summer pregnancy isn’t always easy, if you have the right products to hand, it can be a breeze!

5 Best Products for a Summer Pregnancy

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Here are some great products, that will help you to survive the summer heat during pregnancy.

Portable FanHandheld Mister Fan for Summer Pregnancy

Portable fans are a must for a summer pregnancy. There are so many types of fan to choose from you’ll be spoilt for choice. There are portable folding fans that are handheld but also prop up on your desk. Or even better, you can have a handheld mister fan. Or if you want to be on the move and hands free, grab a fan that you can wear around your neck. Whatever you feel would suit you the most, pop one in your bag to keep you cool when you need it.

Anti Chafe Balm

Anti Chafe Balm for Summer Pregnancy

If you’re suffering with rubbing thighs, an anti chafe balm or rub can work wonders to provide relief or prevent thighs from getting sore at all. This is especially true if wearing skirts and dresses in the summer heat, is causing the discomfort.

Cooling Towel

Cooling Towel for Summer Pregnancy

These magic cooling towels are brilliant for keeping cool in the summer and bound to make your summer pregnancy easier. You simply soak them in water, wring them out and drape around your neck. They remain cool for hours and you reactivate with more water. Many brands come in a variety of colours to choose from too so you can grab a few to go with your outfits!

Stay Cold Water Bottle

Water Bottle for Summer Pregnancy

A water bottle that keeps your drinks cold for hours in the summer is a must and very important for a summer pregnancy. The Hydro Flask keeps drinks cold for up to 24 hours which can be particularly useful in the middle of the night. This will not only keep you cool but also hydrated!

Room Fan

Room Fan for Summer Pregnancy

If you don’t have air conditioning or you can’t have it as cool as you’d like (say, your husband and kids find it too cold), get yourself a super duper fan for yourself. This Dyson is not only a fan but also benefits from being a heater. Keeping cool at night will help to get you some much needed rest that can be a struggle any time during pregnancy.

The summer months can be a strain but remember, the cooler days are coming!

5 Must Have Products for a Summer Pregnancy

5 Tips to Survive a Summer Pregnancy


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  1. Even if I am not pregnant, I feel like I need everything that you have listed. It’s humid right now.

  2. I like the room fan without blades. looks so neat and cool! hehe

  3. Yana says:

    Great products. These would be great to have during pregnancy.

  4. These seem like a must have while pregnant during summer. It is hot and I feel like I need them too. Must be worse for someone who is heavy. Well listed.

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