11 Tips When Shopping For Baby Items

11 Tips When Shopping for Baby Items

Shopping for baby items can be an exciting time but if easy to find yourself getting carried away. There’s the cute necessities, the tried and tested must haves and the items that cost the price of a trip abroad. It’s important when shopping for baby items that you consider what your baby really needs which is why I’ve put together 11 Tips When Shopping for Baby Items so you’re not left with piles of unused items and clothes that cost a lot but have little value to your family. See my favourite baby products, for some inspiration. Happy Shopping!

Tips When Shopping for Baby Items

1. Keep it Simple

Babies grow so fast. By the time they have grown into something, they have almost grown out of it. Buy what they need for the first few months. Babies tend to have 5 growth spurts in their first year, with their clothing at this time typically lasting 2 – 3 months at the most. After a year, stock up a little more as the clothing sizes change to last 6 months at a time and they growth slows down a little.

2. Wear the Cute Clothes Often!

I found myself putting my two in the same clothes over and over, keeping my favourite items for we were in company of others, which was few and far between. I ended up with most of my favourite items looking brand new and hardly worn which was never the intention. Dress your baby in your favourite items often, even if you’re staying at home all day.

3. Consider Age vs. Weather

Baby in Snow Hat

If you live somewhere with a vast difference in the seasons, take the weather into account when shopping. There’s no need for an age 6-9 month winter coat when your baby will be 6 months old at the beginning of Summer. When shopping after christmas, I found myself buying jumpers for the summer months. Although there are often chilly times during the summer in the UK, it’s best to buy lighter clothes, like t-shirts and long sleeve tops and you can buying the additional layers if you need them closer to the time.

4. Hit the Sales

There’s so much to buy for a newborn, you might as well get what you can in the sales. The main sales are usually around Black Friday, just after Christmas and late July / beginning of August. Plan ahead and get larger items in these sales. It’s also a good time to stock up on clothes for the year. Just be mindful of tip number 3.

5. Don’t go Gender Crazy

Baby Gender Neutral Clothes

If you plan on having more children, buy bigger items in gender neutral colours. High chairs, travel cots, baby swings and toys can be very cute when gender specific but it’s can also be beneficial to have items that can be reused by all of your children. If you don’t mind pink for boys or blue for girls, then by all means buy whatever colour you fancy at the time.

6. It Might not Work for You

Just because your best friend’s neighbour’s aunt, swore by a particular product, it doesn’t mean it will work for you or your baby. Do your homework and check the reviews. You might find some insight to another product that might be more of what you are looking for. A vibrating baby swing might send one baby off to noddy land while can easily send another into a meltdown.


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7. Don’t buy Hundreds of Toys

Toys are important for your baby’s development but they also find enjoyment in boxes, zips and clothes tags! Buy a few toys and see what your baby enjoys before splurging on the latest branded toys. There are lots of simple DIY toys you can make at home that would entertain your child as much as the store bought toy. As well as toys, they love to interact with us and watch us doing the simplest of things. They love us singing songs, reading books, goings for walks and sometimes just cuddles on the sofa.

8. Limit Buying too many Stuffed Animals

Stuffed Animals

Buying a stuffed animal or two for the nursery is great but be warned you are likely to gain another 20 from friends, family and colleagues during your baby shower or after the birth of your baby. The nursery will soon end up looking like a small zoo with even more cuddly toys gifted to your baby over the next couple of years.

9. Baby Trade Shows

Trade shows are a great place to get some decent discounts. If your buying you’re bigger items here, you can save a significant amount overall. It’s well worth a visit as you’ll often find some lesser known products and gain some inspiration from talks and product demonstrations. Tips 10 and 11 can help in preparing for a visit to a Baby Trade Show.

10. Do your Research

Make a list of what you need, check the reviews and compare prices. This way, when you see a special offer, you’ll know if it’s a bargain or not. It’s easy to believe that you need to buy something there and then because you’ve seen a sale only to later find out that you could have gotten the same for less elsewhere.

11. Make a List

A list can be useful to ensure you have all your necessities without getting carried away. It helps with sticking to your budget and allows a more organised approach to shopping for baby items which can sometimes feel overwhelming.

Tips when Shopping for Baby Items

If you need some ideas of what to buy, I’ve put together a list of 15 Baby Products Worth Having. Are there any tips when shopping for baby items that you have found particularly useful? If so, please leave your tips in the comments.

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  1. You got me when you said that you should consider shopping for baby items with neutral colors if you’re planning to have more children. My plan is to surprise my pregnant sister with some gifts. What I want is to find a shopping mall where I can shop for her. Since she wants to have at least 3 kids, I’ll do all your tips.

  2. It’s such a good tip when you said that it’s best to buy baby clothes and items during main sales period. I will share this info with my sister who, 2 months ago, gave birth to a charming, little son. For sure, during sales period, she could get time to stock up on baby clothes that are best for her baby. Hopefully, I can accompany her to a good shopping center.

  3. When my Girls were young we used to take the extra toys they got as Christmas gifts and put them in storage down my basement. Then after a few months went by we break out a new gift here or there and it was like Christmas all over again for them. I laughed when I read your same clothes, because we were just looking at baby pictures the other day and joked that my oldest always look the same

  4. Yes! I kept telling my kids to get gender neutral color big items (and even some clothes), but one didn’t listen and is now using several pink items for her son. Everything she had was pink from the pack and play to the high chair to a wagon.

  5. This is such a great list of tips which are truly practical for new parents to follow. So many parents just get carried away and purchase so many things without really thinking things through. It is so easy to end up spending a real fortune on things that will not be able to be used for that long. So true about making things generic as much as possible if you are considering having more children later on.

  6. great post and tips! I do need to learn from you, I tend to overdo myself for my nieces

  7. Great advice! So many people overspend on unnecessary things in the beginning either because they get caught up in all the cute options available or because they truly believe that they need a lot more than they actually need. As you said, while a product may work great for one person that doesn’t mean it will be the ‘be all and end all’ for you. Doing your research, tracking sales and identifying the difference between ‘need’ and ‘want’ are all important steps in the process.

  8. These are some great tips. Thank you for sharing.

  9. I so much agree that we should go slow on buying of toys and get a feel of what the child is loving the most. The other one is stuffed toys. Here in India now there is a great interest in giving these as gifts to the toddlers. Too much is not good most of the time and it can help to save some money for buying something more useful for the child.

  10. I always make a list when shopping, I find that super helpful to stay on track and not get distracted during all kinds of shopping trips.
    You are right that babies grow so quickly, so getting them too many items is unnecessary as they will grow out of them before they can all be worn.

  11. I love your number one tip of keeping it simple! I’ve heard there are a ton of useless accessories out there that end up costing a small fortune and are never used. I like sticking to the basics for almost everything.

  12. How to keep mind ready before shopping for babies is so well explained. I liked the idea of age and weather before shopping. Thank you for sharing the helpful tips.

  13. It was helpful when you said to only get what they will need for the first few months. My sister was telling me last night about how she wants to go shopping for some baby clothes that her daughter can wear when she gives birth, and she wants to make sure that she can choose the right clothes for her. I’ll make sure to pass these tips along to her once she starts shopping for baby clothes.

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