Pregnancy Symptoms Before Missed Period

Pregnancy Symptoms Before Missed Period

It’s the 2 week wait and your desperate to have a pregnancy symptom before you get the chance to take an early pregnancy test. With many of the pregnancy symptoms before you have a missed period being similar to those of PMS, the 2 week wait can feel like a roundabout of questions and feelings.


Early Pregnancy Symptoms Before My Missed Period

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I’m a Mama of two and during the 2 week wait with both pregnancies, I looked out for the usual symptoms of breast tenderness and bloating etc. I completely missed the actual signs and symptoms I was having believing they were due to other factors. I simply waited anxiously for the day I could take a test. During my first pregnancy, I waited until the day I was due on to take a test. During my second pregnancy, I took an early pregnancy test and found out I was expecting 4 days before my period was due. My symptoms started to show up at least 3 days before I tested. This seems extremely early to me but the symptoms were there.

Early Pregnancy Symptoms – 1st Pregnancy

Eating Unusual Food Combinations Looking back, this had to be the most obvious sign during the 2 week wait. I had just made a huge batch of peanut butter cookies. I sat down to enjoy a few and there on the table was a bottle of my beloved Franks Hot Sauce. This is my absolute favourite sauce. To put my love for it into perspective, I’ve been known to add hot sauce to soup, pasta or any savoury dish really. Due to this I didn’t think much of it when I sat wondering if hot sauce and peanut butter cookies would be a good combination. After pouring some on my cookies and thoroughly enjoying them, I decided not to have anymore. I mean, I did think it was strange but I put that down to my now strange obsession with hot sauce!

Why did I ignore this? With it being my first pregnancy, I really had no idea that you could get symptoms so early. Plus, I really love hot sauce, it works well with most things!

Intense hunger The second symptom I had was an all-day hunger situation that wouldn’t shift. I sat at my desk constantly eating and no matter how much I ate, I was still hungry. I complained to a friend at work about the hunger situation and she asked if my period was due. “Not yet” I had replied oblivious to what was actually going on in my uterus.

Cramping Back then, when my period was due, I would cramp the moment my period would start. This would indicate that the time of the month had arrived. It was instant. Not an hour before, not 10 minutes before I would cramp when it started. I went to the bathroom at least 5 times that day with a matter-of fact brisk walk with a tampon up my sleeve. Left completely surprised to see that my period hadn’t started at all.

Early Pregnancy Symptoms – 2nd Pregnancy

Eating the Same Dinner Every Day I was on holiday in Turkey with my husband and daughter. We would venture into the town each evening and try a new restaurant for dinner. One evening, I tried a chicken curry which reminded me of a take away dish at home and not one that I cared for much either. This meal however, was amazing! Amazing because it tasted just like the not so special one I’d had at home. The next evening and each evening from there, no matter the restaurant, I’d search for chicken curry on the menu. I ignored this as a symptom, believing that I just found a new love for this chicken curry. After our holiday and finding out that we were expecting, I went to a restaurant around the corner from work so I could have more of this chicken curry.

After going every lunch time for weeks I had to accept that it was a pregnancy craving and not a new found love!

Common Early Pregnany Symptoms

So while there are a lot of pregnancy symptoms, it’s easy to make excuses for odd behaviours we may adopt in the early days. This is particularly true if you’re focused on some of the most common symptoms. Here are a few of the most common pregnancy symptoms before a missed period.

  • Bloating
  • Cramps
  • Breast Tenderness
  • Sore Nipples
  • Nausea
  • Sensitivity to Smells
  • Frequent Urination
  • Fatigue

Early pregnancy symptoms could see you having all of these symptoms or none at all. It really depends on the individual.

If you’re planning on extending your family soon, have a read of my top tip for expecting parents. For more pregnancy symptoms, check out my post on First Trimester Pregnancy Symptoms.

Early Pregnancy Symptoms Before My Missed Period



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  1. Sarah says:

    My first early pregnancy signs were always, sensitivity to smells, frequent urination, and fatigue. I always hear about the breast tenderness but that always came later for me along with the nausea.

  2. Wished I had know about this post with my first! She was a complete surprise lol. This is a great post that would have been super handy.

  3. So true! My first pregnancy symptoms were also hunger! It’s amazing how your body knows that its gonna need some extras!

  4. Sydney says:

    We had to do IVF to conceive our little one and I didn’t have any symptoms during the 2ww and it was a rough wait for sure!

    1. The 2 week wait can be so hard. A time that seems to go on forever.

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