Best Foods for Morning Sickness

Foods for Morning Sickness Relief


10 Foods That Stop Morning Sickness
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10 Foods That Provide Morning Sickness Relief


You’ve had a positive pregnancy test, the news is exciting and you’re picturing life with a newborn. You’re feeling somewhat great, until you’re hit with the dreaded morning sickness! Morning sickness which, is not confined to the mornings, can be evening sickness, middle of the night sickness or even all day sickness for some!

What is Morning Sickness

Morning sickness is a symptom of pregnancy causing nausea and vomiting. Symptoms usually start at around 4-6 weeks of pregnancy and for most will stop around the 14-16 week mark. For some, morning sickness will continue into the 20th week and for a very few, can last the entire pregnancy. The name morning sickness can be confusing as symptoms can come on at any time of the day or night, lasting anything from minutes to hours.

Morning sickness can have a huge impact on your day-to-day life and it can become increasingly difficult to complete usual tasks, especially if you have others depending on you. Work performance can be affected, as can looking after other children.

How Morning Sickness Impacted My Life

During both of my pregnancies, I experienced morning sickness. Food was an easy way to relieve my symptoms. With my first, morning sickness came on at 6 weeks and stopped almost instantly at 14 weeks. It was a rough couple of months. With my second however, it started at 6 weeks and continued past 24 weeks. I thought it was rough with my first but it was even more difficult with my second.

My work was affected during both pregnancies, luckily understanding bosses can ease the guilt. During my second pregnancy I didn’t know how on earth I was going to manage the day-to-day, let alone get out of bed. I had to take anti-sickness medicine to help and whilst it helped, it didn’t relieve my symptoms completely. Hunger worsened my symptoms each day so I had to eat regularly. I soon learned which foods helped me and the best times of day to eat. Eating specific types foods when dealing with morning sickness can provide relief and help you to get through the day.

10 Foods to Relieve Morning Sickness


Known for it’s soothing properties, ginger is a good place to start. Ginger tea is an easy and quick option or you could try adding a slice of ginger to warm water. After something sweeter? Ginger cookies or ginger sweets (candy) are also great options.

Ginger and Lemons for morning sickness relief


Lemon is another food with quite a lot of options. The sourness of lemon can help to combat morning sickness. If it is becoming a challenge to drink plain water, try adding lemon wedges to hot or cold water. If you are feeling adventurous, consider making a homemade lemonade. Sucking a lemon wedge can provide a quick relief. Lemon sweets can be another good choice to add to your bag when out and about.

Peppermint Tea

Peppermint tea is known to soothe an unsettled stomach, the same applies during pregnancy.


Keeping some crackers on your bedside cabinet to have first thing in the morning before you get out of bed can provide relief before you start your day. Eating before getting out of bed can give your stomach a chance to settle and keep hunger at bay which is known to make morning symptoms worse.


Plain toast is an easy option for breakfast. Known to settle an uneasy stomach.


Watermelon is rich in nutrients and with it’s high water content, it can be a bonus if you are struggling to stay hydrated.

Watermelon in bowl for morning sickness relief


Pretzels are easy on the stomach and the salty foods can help to relieve symptoms. The combination of a simple food which is salty works very well to relieve symptoms. Pretzels are easy for first thing in the morning, as a snack or with lunch.


Not only are bananas a good source of energy, which is much needed when growing a human but it’s also good for helping with nausea and keeping vomiting at bay.

Crisps (Potato Chips)

With salt known for reducing symptoms, salted crisps are a good bet. Keep a pack on your desk, in your car or bag so they are always at hand when needed.

Carbonated Drinks 

This can be anything from sparkling water to soda of any kind and flat or with bubbles. It really depends on which works best for you. Lemon or ginger flavours are a good place to start.

Morning Sickness Specific Sweets (Candy)

There are a variety of sweets targeted at relieving the symptoms of morning sickness such as Preggie Pops.

Other Ways to Reduce Symptoms

Eating foods that can help to reduce symptoms is great, but knowing what triggers your morning sickness will help to keep it at bay. Many will find that there is a pattern to the time of day symptoms come on or triggers, such as travel or specific smells, so a few lifestyle changes can help to reduce morning sickness such as:

  • Eating small meals often

    Whilst you may not feel like eating when nauseous, hunger can make your symptoms worse. Eating small meals frequently will not only help to reduce symptoms, it will also provide you with some much needed energy.

  • Avoiding hot or spicy meals

    Strong odours can trigger morning sickness. Your sense of smell is heightened during pregnancy and your favourite meal, can quickly intensify morning sickness symptoms. Eating cold meals or having someone else prepare hot meals for you can help immensely.

  • Acupressure Bands

    Acupressure bands can help to relieve symptoms. Worn on the wrists, they can be hidden under long-sleeved tops, particularly useful if you are not yet ready to announce your pregnancy.

  • Keep Cool 

    Not easy if you live in a hot climate all year round or if you are dealing with morning sickness in the summer, but ice lollies, cold water, a portable fans are all ways to keep cool during the heat.

  • Rest 

    Morning Sickness can get worse when tired. Rest as much as possible.

  • Eat before you get out of bed

    Eating crackers or toast before you step out of bed in the morning can help to settle your stomach before you start your day.


Pregnancy is different for us all and morning sickness can make those first few months really difficult. If you have any tips for reducing morning sickness, let me know in the comments.


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Foods for Morning Sickness Relief

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  1. These are so great. Thank you. Peppermint tea is a big one for me with yummy troubles. 🖤

  2. This was great I wish I had this when I was pregnant with my youngest. I ended up having to wear a motion sickness bracelet pretty much my whole 1st trimester.

  3. I never found a specific food that helped (wish I had this this!) but I definitely noticed that eating lots of small meals helped!

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