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Growing up, I remember writing a letter to Santa here and there, although I never remember posting them. They were somehow magically sent to him! It wasn’t until I received a present from Santa with my Mum’s handwriting that I knew she had been Santa all along! Even then, Christmas was still magical to me. I grew up loving Christmas and it still is one of my favourite times of the year. Growing up, Christmas was a big day in our family. We had the best Christmas dinner and a mountain of presents. In the lead up to Christmas and the days after, I spent all of my time with family. We really had a lot of fun.

I wanted Christmas to be just as special for my children as it was for me. Therefore I like to add a little bit of magic! We visit Santa’s grotto, see Christmas lights and visit Christmas markets. We bake, we shop and one of the most exciting parts for my kids is writing and sending a letter to Santa!

Letter to Santa Templates

I’ve created a Letter to Santa Bundle for your family to enjoy below. It doesn’t matter their age as I’ve included something for each age group. Firstly, something for the tiny littles, where they can draw what they would like. There are templates for the the older littles with a more checkbox and fill in the blanks focused template. Lastly, there’s something for the bigger littles, where they can write their own letter. Make sure you check the final posting date in your area, to make sure you don’t miss out on a reply from Santa.

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Letter to Santa Template


Rainbow Letter to Santa Template Bundle


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