Hypnobabies Birth

A Hypnobabies Birth Story

What is Hypnobabies?

I’d had a relatively easy pregnancy with my first. Aside from eight weeks of morning sickness, it was a comfortable pregnancy. The last trimester was the most enjoyable. I felt calm, relaxed and ready to become a mother. My feelings at this stage were largely helped by the Hypnobabies course I was taking at the time. Hypnobabies is a method of hypno-birthing that helps women to have an easier and more comfortable birth experience, providing techniques to create a positive mindset around pregnancy and the birth of your baby. To learn more click here https://www.hypnobabies-store.com/?ref-hyp=Blowing+Bubbles+With+Mama.

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My Expectations

In the months leading up to my due date, I spent a lot of time thinking, or some would say visualising about my birth. I had a lot of ideals about how I wanted the early stages of labour to go. My expectations around the actual birth were less thought out and centred on how relaxed I would be. The support from those around me were my main concern, especially from the midwives who may not have heard of Hypnobabies before.

At this time in our lives, hubby had a 2.5 hour commute to and from work each day. This length of journey was a huge concern for me. He was my birthing partner, I really needed him to be by my side from the beginning. More than anything I didn’t want him to be at work when our little lady decided to make her appearance. Due to these factors, I visualised a lot about her arriving on a weekend when hubby was home. I also would have a full nights sleep so I would have as much energy as possible!

Early labour

On Sunday morning, 4 days before my due date I woke up around 7am with braxton hicks. Hubby was home, tick, and I had just had a full nights sleep, tick! We were having a good start to the day. I had been having braxton hicks for a few days by this point, so I wasn’t surprised. These however, came with a slight cramp, which I hadn’t had with braxton hicks before. With each one, this new sensation quickly became more intense and I soon realised that today would be the day and remained calm.

I started using my birthing day CD’s and got into hypnosis to help to control what I was feeling. It helped. At one point, I decided to come out of hypnosis during a pressure wave (a Hypnobabies term for contractions). I wanted to test it, to see if Hypnobabies was actually working for me. Boy did I feel the pain, and realise there and then, that the Hypnobabies was the way forward. For more info on Hypnobabies click here https://www.hypnobabies-store.com/?ref-hyp=Blowing+Bubbles+With+Mama.

I decided to have a bath as I could still relax fully in hypnosis in there. There didn’t seem to be much time in between my pressure waves so getting out of the bath and getting dressed was a rush. Once dressed, I laid on the bed and went into hypnosis with each pressure wave. Hubby used his birthing partner scripts to help me focus. I was so relaxed at this point that I would fall asleep between each wave.

Hospital Trip Number 1

Once I felt like I was progressing enough we headed to the hospital. It was a struggle having to get to the car and a struggle to find a comfortable position. I wanted to be at the hospital so I could fully relax again. We arrived at the Midwifery Led Unit in the hospital, which is where I had decided to have my natural birth. I wanted the room with the birthing pool and it was available…hooray! They examined me in between waves which were coming so often and seemed to not finish properly. I couldn’t communicate while having the waves making it difficult for the Midwives to talk to me. It seems I was only was 3cm. They sent me home with paracetamol and codeine and another car journey to endure!

Back Home

By the time we had arrived home, exhaustion had set in. This was now 6 hours in and I wanted to sleep. I stopped using my CDs and asked that hubby stopped talking to me to allow me to fully concentrate. The course scripts had become embedded in my being so I began using my Hypnobabies prompts in my head. The waves came and I slept between each. When having a wave, I was so relaxed that it looked to others as if I was still sleeping. I was however, fully aware of what was happening in my surroundings. I could hear Hubby and my Mum whispering that they were concerned that there was no progression as I wasn’t communicating with them. They eventually left me to it. As the hours went by and the waves intensified, my concentration deepened but it was becoming harder to stay focused.

11 Hours In

We had no idea how often my waves were coming as I continued to sleep between waves. We were now 11 hours in and I feared going back to the hospital only to be sent home again. I was tired, needed to sleep and dreaded another potential 12 hours of this. My focused had waned so much, it was a struggle to use the Hypnobabies prompts in my head. Hubby wasn’t providing me with cues we had practiced because I had asked him to stop talking to me and my Hypnobabies CD’s were off. In hindsight, the CD’s were needed at this point to help me to regain focus.

I decided I had had enough, my concentration was obsolete and I wanted pain relief and wanted it now! However, I couldn’t seem to communicate this to hubby. Each time I tried, I would fall asleep before the words had a chance to come out. It took what I believe was an hour to tell him I wanted some pain relief. Before this day, I had told him under no circumstance was I to have pain relief. He really took this on board prior to this day but responded with “OK”.

I started to lose focus completely with my hypnosis and the waves where I stopped focusing were so awful. I knew I had to regain some of my focus. Some I was able to focus, sometimes I couldn’t do it anymore. I needed to the delivery suite at the hospital where I could get pain relief, not the Midwifery Led Unit as previously planned.

Finding my strength

We still had no idea how frequent my waves were. I finally found the strength to let hubby know I was ready to go to the hospital. Next step….Find the strength to get to the car! Lord give me the strength I need. Get into hypnosis and go I told myself. The waves seemed to be non stop. There was something in my knickers. Had my waters broken? I had slight urge and was sure something was happening. Keep walking, get to the car. Trying not to let the sensations of the car distract me, I went into hypnosis for the duration of the journey.

We arrived at the hospital and waited for a wave to pass before getting out. I stepped into the hospital and stopped at the desk for another one to pass, got to the lift, another one, leaving the lift, another one. Hubby encouraged me to keep walking, keep walking, keep walking I repeated while holding and clinging at his waste. I noticed we were on the Midwifery Led Unit where there was no pain relief. Hubby had listened to my desire for a natural birth and hadn’t given in to my earlier pleas.

An Examination, Now?

The Midwife approached us. It was the same Midwife who had given me a tour of the Midwifery Led Unit. The perfect outcome as she knew about Hypnobabies, we had completed my birth plan together. This instantly put me at ease. The Midwife explained that she would need to examine me before we made a plan. No! I need relief now…PLEASE! I couldn’t do this for another potential 12 hours. I didn’t know how close my waves were or how far I had progressed since 7 hours earlier! Things had really intensified. She took me to an examination room and left to get her equipment. I realised the sooner she examines me, the sooner I can have some relief. I start to take my trousers down and noticed it was my bloody show I had felt when I was leaving home, not my waters.

Ready to Push

The Midwife had left only seconds ago. I instantly felt an urge to push. My waters popped on the floor, movie style, shoes still on, trousers half way down my legs. I told hubby that I needed to push and started pushing! We hadn’t prepared for this to be happening so soon after arriving. We hadn’t even made it to the delivery room with the lovely pool! There was no time for hubby to put on my CD intended for the pushing stage as I was holding on to him, or rather had him in a headlock! My Mum and brother were sat outside not realising what was happening. My Mum was supposed to be in the room with us!

The Midwife came back and it was all go, my baby’s head was crowning! I stood by the side of the bed pushing while the Midwives finished removing my trousers. I decided I’d be more comfortable siting down. The lovely Midwife, completely on the ball asked if I wanted my Mum to come in now. My mum came in shocked that I was already pushing, she could see a head full of hair. They had to rush in between pushes to take my top and bra off so I could have skin to skin straight away. Within in a matter of minutes of getting on the bed, my beautiful baby girl was born.

I arrived at the examination room at 8.05 and she was born at 8.37, although it felt like 10 or 15 minutes at the most.My baby girl didn’t cry when she was born but was so alert and looking around and found her way to the breast. They say Hypnobabies don’t often cry at birth as they are so calm due to the process.

Does Hypnobabies Work

I didn’t use the lovely room with the pool but I managed to forego gas and air and an epidural. The Midwife said she couldn’t believe I was already fully dilated as I seemed too calm. It seems the Hypnobabies had worked so well, I hadn’t quite realised how far gone I was and my Mum and Hubby thought I hadn’t progressed much. Had I known how much I had progressed before we left for the hospital, I believe I would have had a state of mind that would have accepted the intensity as being in the final stages. I would have been more likely to remain calm. Instead, I let fear in and that was against all that I had learnt throughout Hypnobabies. I feared I was still in the early stages or maybe only half way through. Never did I believe I was so close to giving birth.

There was a considerable amount of calm during the day. Like many other women, due to conversations with other mothers or the media, I had believed labour to be a rough experience with a beautiful ending. For me it was a beautiful experience, with a beautiful ending. I felt so empowered. It wasn’t as calm and relaxing as I would have liked to have been towards the end. I did however feel the difference of using what I learnt, compared to losing focus and not using Hypnobabies at times. The difference was incredible! I realised how powerful a woman’s body is and what we are able to achieve by adopting a different mindset towards the process of having a baby.

Would I use Hypnobabies again?

Hypnobabies allowed me to have a comfortable birthing day and converted the Hubby to being a believer of Hypnobabies rather than going along with it to make me happy.

I loved Hypnobabies so much that I used it again with my second. I was able to take some of what I had learned about my first birth into my second ensuring I used my Hypnobabies throughout!

To order or learn more, see the Hypnobabies website https://www.hypnobabies-store.com/?ref-hyp=Blowing+Bubbles+With+Mama.

Do you have any experiences with Hypnobabies? Let me know in the comments below.

A Pain Free Natural Labor Hypnobabies


Pain Free Natural Labour

A Hypnobabies Birth


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