First Trimester Pregnancy Symptoms

First Trimester Pregnancy Symptoms

What to Expect: First Trimester Pregnancy Symptoms

Being pregnant is exciting, overwhelming and sometimes simply exhausting with all the symptoms we experience . Our bodies go through so much, we’re growing a baby after all! Yes, it’s a big deal but boy can it be hard! Our bodies do a lot of adjusting throughout pregnancy but from my experience, the first trimester pregnancy symptoms are the most intense.

While many women sail through the first trimester barely noticing that they’re pregnant at all, for some of us, the first trimester pregnancy symptoms hit us so hard, we can’t do anything but notice them. Some symptoms vary depending on the trimester, but what are some of the most common pregnancy symptoms we can expect in those first weeks?

First Trimester Pregnancy Symptoms

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First Trimester Pregnancy Symptoms


Extreme tiredness in the first trimester is a very common symptom. You may feel the need to have naps at lunchtime and be in bed for the night by 8pm. Don’t feel that you need to keep up with your pre-pregnant self. Sleep as much as you need to and when you can. If you can’t sleep in the day at least try to rest.


Hunger in the first trimester is real! You might feel that no matter how much you eat, you’re still so hungry. You might eat until satisfied and 10 minutes later, feel hunger deep in your stomach as though you haven’t eaten for days. Keeping healthy snacks nearby and eating small meals often can help to reduce the temptation of reaching for the unhealthy snacks. Hunger is also an early pregnancy symptom you might find yourself having, even before finding out you’re pregnant.

Morning Sickness

Morning sickness, despite it’s name, happens at any time of day. Many people believe morning sickness means you are throwing up, when feeling nauseous is also considered morning sickness. This first trimester pregnancy symptom, usually starts around the 6th week and for many, will have eased up by week 12. There are foods to ease morning sickness and these nausea relief bands can be a real help. Morning sickness can have a huge impact on your day to day life during pregnancy and therefore some kind of relief is necessary.

Heightened Sense of Smell

You might find that your sense is so heightened that your husbands aftershave that you once loved, now makes you gag! Your sense of smell is so on point that you can smell what someone is having for lunch around the corner of the office. It’s a rough first trimester pregnancy symptom especially if you have morning sickness as strong smells can really make it worse.

Sore and Tender Breasts

Grab yourself some pregnancy bras as full, sore and tender breasts are a common symptom during pregnancy. You might find that its more comfortable to have a bra which is less restrictive as your breasts grow a lot during pregnancy. Eliminating bras with underwire can help. Bra extenders like these can also reduce how often you need to buy new bras.


You might start to feel bloated during the end of the first trimester. This is down to hormones and also down to your digestive system slowing down in order to allow more time for nutrients to reach the baby. Your trousers might start to feel tight around your belly. It’s a good idea to invest in some trouser extenders. I found they were were a life saver for me, turning many of my trousers and skirts into maternity clothes, many of which I was able to continue wearing well into my third trimester.

Frequent Urination

You hear of this symptom often in relation to pregnancy. You might find that you take more trips to the toilet during the day and the night. This will likely ease up during the second trimester, only to return in the third. Don’t drink less to prevent this symptom. It’s important to stay hydrated.


Another first trimester pregnancy symptom is constipation. With your digestive system working slower than usual, constipation is common in pregnancy. There are a few things you can do to relieve this, such as eating a diet high in fibre, walking as a form of exercise and staying hydrated.

Food Cravings

Finding yourself wanting to eat odd combinations? Suddenly found a new love for a food or drink you couldn’t stand prior to pregnancy? The need to have a specific type of food or drink is a very common symptom. The need is real and you can often find that you cannot stop thinking about the particular food until you’ve had it! The type of food craving may change throughout the duration of your pregnancy, however, this is a symptom that’s likely to remain throughout only to suddenly disappear once you give birth.

Food Aversions

As much as you might have food cravings, you may also have food aversions. Disliking foods you usually love or taking a break from certain foods groups altogether is a very common first trimester pregnancy symptom.


There are many pregnancy symptoms not listed and some unusual and very individual. Have a look at my early pregnancy symptoms before I had a missed period. Did you have any pregnancy symptoms not listed above? Let me know in the comments below.


First Trimester Pregnancy Symptoms


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  1. Maria says:

    I remember the biggest symptom of my pregnancy was being tired. I slept over 12 hours a day. Making a human is hard work.

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