The Best Products When Travelling with a Baby
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Best Products When Travelling With a Baby

My husband and I took our children on their first holiday when they were just 12 weeks old. Our first trip as a family of 3 back in 2014 was to Morocco. 4 years later, our first holiday as a family of 4 was to Dubai. The idea of travelling with a baby was initially daunting. On both holidays we had to consider the hot weather, Morocco was hot, but Dubai was even hotter, reaching highs of 38°C (100°F). There were mosquitos to consider in both countries. We were unsure as to how easy it would be to get the items we might need in both destinations, so made sure we carried our baby essentials from home. Somehow with the right products and the right mindset it all came together very well.

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My Best Products When Travelling With a Baby

Travelling with a baby so young is, to be honest, fairly easy. They eat, sleep and repeat, taking in some of the views on the way. As easy as they are at this age, they also come with a lot of belongings and there are so many factors to consider when staying in a hotel. The baby facilities, sterilising of bottles, nappies that weigh a tonne in your case. With some good products behind you, your trip can be a breeze.

I love to find great products for kids and babies. Anything that will make our lives easier and reduce stress levels is a must for me. I compiled a list below of my absolute must have baby items that made travelling with a baby that little bit easier for us.


Mosquito Patches

Best Products When Travelling With a Baby

Mosquito patches are the perfect for babies and children. Not only are they DEET free, they don’t contain harsh chemicals. The best part about mosquito patches though, is that they do not have to be applied to the skin! You can attach them to clothing, pushchairs or cots or anywhere your baby will be and they will provide protection from mosquitos. They last up to 12 hours so be sure to carry a few in your bag if heading out for longer days. They are also lightweight compared mosquito repellant creams and sprays.

Pushchair Fan

Pushchair fan for travelling with a baby

If you’re heading somewhere hot, or you just live somewhere hot (lucky you!) then this is a must for keeping the little ones comfortable on your travels. They clip on to the pushchair and stay put. They’re brilliant as they’re rechargeable and last for hours! On our trip to Dubai, we would head out for the day and it would last until the evening. We’d usually be going for dinner by then so it was no issue. If the fan did run out (we had some pretty long days), we each had one of these handheld fans that could be put on a table directed at the baby.

Babymoov Babyni Sun Tent

Sun Tent for Travelling with a Baby

We used this sun tent when travelling to hot destinations. It meant we didn’t have to worry about finding adequate shade for a baby at the beach or by the pool. It has a large sun cover, a bug net, soft toys, and a mattress. Our baby would nap in the tent at the beach or pool. It’s also a good way to keep your baby sand free. We were able to take this on days out without any fuss as the tent bag has a loop which you can pop over a pushchair handle. The best part about this tent is that it’s incredibly lightweight and folds away easily to pack in a suitcase.

Skybaby Travel Mattress

Skybaby Mattress for travelling with a babyThe Skybaby Travel Mattress provides a comfortable option to allow your infant to sleep on your lap during flights in a comfortable way. Although many airlines offer bassinet seats, the seats are limited. If you don’t have a seat with bassinet access, or your baby prefers to nap on you, this is a comfortable option for them. The mattress is great when nursing or feeding too. The airline infant seatbelt passes through the mattress allowing your baby to sleep on your lap without disturbing them. The mattress folds away into the little bag provided, clips on to your hand luggage or pushchair for ease of use.

Lillebaby Complete All Seasons Baby Carrier

Baby Carrier for travelling with a baby

A good baby carrier is a must for me when travelling. I feel it makes the chaos in the airport a bit smoother. Not only does it allow me to to breastfeed on the go, I can use the pushchair to carry the hand luggage. It’s a win, win. I travelled alone to Dubai with my 12 week old and 4 year old as my husband had gone out a few days earlier for business. The baby carrier was a life saver! The great part about this Baby Carrier is that it has a mesh panel which can be unzipped to allow for airflow keeping the baby cooler, which is a bonus in hot destinations.

Graco Travel Cot

Travel Cot for travelling with a baby

Graco Travel Cots are pretty much all singing and dancing. They come with changing tables, cot mobiles, night lights, vibration and bassinet mattresses suitable for use from birth. Graco Travel Cots really have all that you would need when travelling with a baby. They folds away easily, have wheels and the bags have handles making it easy to travel with. We have loved our Graco Travel Cot, it’s definitely long lasting. We’ve had ours for over 5 year now and our youngest is still getting a lot of use out of it.

These items have made our holidays that much easier when travelling with a baby. If the baby is happy, it’s it a lot easier on the parents. If you’re travelling with children, have a look at My In-Flight Activity Bag Ideas for Kids, it has some great tips to keeping them entertained on flights.

Do you have any items that have made travelling with a baby easier for you? Let me know in the comments as I love trying new products!

Best Products When Travelling With a Baby

Must Have Travel Products for a Baby

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  1. It is amazing to me how much baby items have changed since my girls were of that age. I could have used so many of these items 19 years ago! I didn’t realize that the Pack and Play was a travel cot (unless I’m mixing them up). Actually, I like the mosquito patches and may need to get them for adults as well! I thought taking my daughter to Disney when she was young was adventurous but Morrocco and Dubai! WOW.

    1. Kay says:

      I believe a pack n play and travel cot are the same. I’m based in the UK which is why Morocco and Dubai may seem more adventurous. I think a trip to Disney is definitely adventurous with small children, a trip we are yet to try!

  2. I don’t have any kids at the moment, but we do enjoy travelling, so these tips would definitely come in handy if we had a kid one day! The pushchair fan is especially cute.

  3. These are great useful products for mums with babies.

    1. Kay says:

      Thank you.

  4. Every time I see a young family shlepping their baby gear through an airport I want to tell them it gets easier! Great tips on items that can make travel with baby easier. I had never seen the Skybaby mattress before; much cleanier than finding a spot at your feet on a plane!

    1. Kay says:

      The SkyBaby mattress was definitely a life saver for us when we needed those hands-free moments. Even more usueful was the fact that we didn’t need to move the baby when the seatbelt light went on.

  5. Rachael says:

    The mosquito patches and travel bed look clutch!

  6. I could have done with a travel-cot like that when my daughter was young! Excellent post – these products are all so sensible and useful.

  7. A useful article for mums to be and new mums. There’s so much more available nowadays when one wants to travel with babies.

  8. I went to Dubai recently with my 3 kids 9,6, 5. it was not a bad experience as I thought. The only time they got cranky was the 14 hour trip from Atlanta to Istanbul.

    Thank you for sharing these wonderful tips.

  9. I am thinking of giving that mosquito patches. Because there are many mosquitos here. So it will be helpful for my lil cousin. 🙂

  10. I love this baby gear–especially the airline travel mattress. I’d never seen or heard of anything like it. I do think it’s much easier to travel with an infant than with a toddler–once they’re mobile (8 months to 2 years) and before they require their own seat, it’s harder to keep them contained and happy on a plane. My daughter lives 1400 miles away and is having her second baby–the travel mattress would make a great gift (along with airline tickets, of course).

    1. Kay says:

      Airline tickets would be an amazing gift!! The SkyBaby mattress really does make for a more comfortable journey for parents and the infant.

  11. A wonderful well thought out pick. All essentials.The products look so cute and so do your little ones.

    1. Kay says:

      Thank you!

  12. The travel mattress looks like an absolute life saver! Whoever created that was probably a genius. Lol. I had no idea mosquito patches were a thing, but I’d think that would be on the must-have list.

  13. I love seeing my friend’s kid in their baby carrier, so convenient and awesome! I could use some mosquito patches in the summer too

  14. I am not a mom yet but I will try to remember it. Also you list looks ideal as source of presents for my sister, she is always having hard time traveling with my niece.

  15. I wish we had these things when I had my 4 kids! It was always such a hassle taking them places…now it looks like it’s fun!!!

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