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American Girl Bistro Houston

American Girl Bistro Houston


American Girl Store Houston

We recently visited Houston over Christmas and New Years and couldn’t wait to see what the city had to offer for families. I had heard so much about American Girl dolls and knew I wanted to take my daughter to a store at some point. Being from the UK, we don’t have any here so it would be a special treat. She knew about the dolls, having seen them online but I knew a visit to a store would be an experience. I hoped there would be a store in Houston. I felt 5 years old was the perfect age to begin her American Girl journey.

Before our trip, I found that not only is there an American Girl store in Houston in Memorial City Mall but they also have a bistro! Even better! I decided that we would make an afternoon of it and made a lunch reservation for my daughter and I. I thought we could have lunch in the bistro before we wandered around the store.

My daughter loves having mummy daughter days, so decided I’d surprised her with a visit. We got ready for our girls day out, left the boys at home and headed out. As we arrived outside the store, her face lit up as she realised where we were going!

Girl Smiling

The American Girl Bistro Experience

We checked in at the bistro and our experience began. My daughter didn’t have her own American Girl doll at the time so the hostess asked her to choose a doll from their selection to dine with. This is probably one of the most exciting aspects of the bistro, dining with a doll. I can imagine it would be even more exciting if you had your own doll.


The dolls have their own highchair so they can sit at the table with you. The dolls are provided with a cup, plate and place mat which you get to take home with you.

Doll at Table

The napkin holders are bow hairbands, which you also get to take home with you. My daughter wanted to wear hers straight away over the pink bows she already had in her hair! The decor was very pink but cute. There were vases with pink flowers on each table and a box of conversation starters.

American Girl Bistro Menus

While we waited for our food, we enjoyed using a box of conversation starters. They have questions such as “What’s your favourite kind of music to dance to?” and “If you could only watch movies or read books for the rest of your life, which one would you choose?” We found the conversation starters a lot of fun and they entertained my daughter while we waited.

Conversation Starters

The Food

There isn’t a specific kids section on the menu but you can guess which menu items are tailored for kids by the types of dishes and the prices. We ordered Soft Pretzel Bites as a starter for my daughter and the Cheesy Pepperoni Pizza for her main. I wasn’t hungry enough for a large lunch and didn’t want a salad, so I chose what I believed was aimed at kids and therefore thought would be small and went with the Best Ever Chicken Tenders and chose the grilled chicken option.

I sampled my daughters food, the pretzel bites were served with cheddar cheese and honey mustard dipping sauces. It was a nice start to the meal.

Pretzel Bites

The pizza was good for a pizza with plenty of flavour. My daughter was very happy with her meal.


My grilled chicken was served with macaroni, BBQ sauce and a fruit kebab. It was a basic and bland meal and I would have liked some flavour to my grilled chicken but as you can see in the photo, it was very much so a child friendly dish, which I knew I was ordering so I couldn’t really complain! My daughters’ pizza however was much better, so I’m not sure if it was just an undesirable meal or if it was so plain due to it being aimed at kids.

Mac and Cheese and Grilled Chicken

We were too full for dessert but there were some tasty sounding milkshakes and sundaes on the menu. They also had a few fun desserts such as decorating your own cupcakes. You can see the American Girl Bistro Houston menu here.

Overall Thoughts

American Girl Bistro Houston

Overall, we had a lovely meal and most importantly,my daughter had a great experience. The whole process was smooth and enjoyable and the staff were friendly with the kids. The additions of dining with a doll, the freebies to take home and the conversation starters made the visit even more worthwhile. Would I go again? Yes definitely! It was a fun mummy daughter date and it was the perfect way to spend an hour before heading over to the American Girl store for some doll shopping!

American Girl Bistro Houston



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  1. Oh wow! I’ve never heard of anything like this place! My kids would LOVE it!

    1. We definitely had a lot of fun!

  2. Oh I love that you all enjoyed this time! Such a lovely experience, and I am sure your daughter will cherish this time, and it will be a lovely memory for both of you. I think my girls would love this! 🙂

  3. the place looks lovely and very original. I have never seen decoration alike in restaurants before. charmed!

  4. That look on your daughter’s face when she realized where you were going is absolutely priceless! That would make the entire thing worthwhile. It sounds like you two had an amazing experience, and clearly it is worth a return visit. That is a memory your daughter will remember for the rest of her life too.

    1. It really was such a dream for her and do I hope it’s a day she will always remember!

  5. This looks like a place that my nieces would LOVE! I’ve never heard of this bistro before, but it sounds like any child’s dream. I’m going to have to send this to my sister-in-law. I know that they have been talking about future trip planning, and this sounds like a great option.

    1. Lovely! If they take a trip, I hope they have the best time!

  6. Melanie williams says:

    Aw this is so sweet. I have never heard of this place before, but looks like you had a fab time with together with some yummy food too xx

  7. I remember my first trip to an American Girl store, when visiting my aunt in Chicago. It was absolutely magical, and these photos brought back the experience. I never got the chance to have any food there, but it sounds like a great experience.

    1. I love that you remember you’re first trip. I hope my daughter still remembers hers when she’s all grown up!

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