Hi Mama, welcome to Blowing Bubbles with Mama! I’m Kay, a mother of two and wife to my gorgeous hubby.

I became pregnant with my first in 2013 and discovered I was entering a whole new world in which I knew very little about. I didn’t have a clue about motherhood or what to expect and as a woman who likes to feel in control, this was an incredibly overwhelming time.

I therefore took it upon myself to find out as much as I could about bringing a baby into this world and preparing for the unknown. Since then I have spent the last 7 years discovering who I am as a Mother and finding my feet with the challenges that each new day brings.

I do a lot of research! So much so that along the way, I’ve found some amazing techniques, products and information that have helped my husband and I on our journey of parenting.

My Background

I had the idea to start a blog back in 2014 to document all of my findings. I wanted to share all I had discovered with other Mama’s-to-be but couldn’t quite find the courage or the time.

I had spent over 10 years working in media sales and on events in the education sector. I didn’t have a clue about how to start a blog. My biggest barrier was the fear of starting something completely new. I decided against starting a blog. I continued with my career and being a Mum and wife, although still not fully satisfied.

How Was Blowing Bubbles With Mama Born?

Four years after the birth of my first, while on maternity leave with my second, I had the same urge to start a blog and decided to take the plunge. I needed an outlet for all of the information I wanted to share! The products and information had brought happiness to my family, eased stress and allowed me to be more knowledgeable about my body and my child’s development.

In 2018, Blowing Bubbles with Mama was born. I decided not to let fear take charge as since becoming a Mum, I’ve realised that sometimes the unknown can lead you to the most incredible journey.

I’ve learnt so much in these 5 years and have discovered things that I would never have thought would add so much value to my life and I would love to share these with you. I have found information, products and sometimes a small piece of knowledge that has brought my family happiness, less stress or some extra cash in our pockets.

I have shared this in my blog and I hope you will enjoy being a part of my discoveries. I write about topics such as

My 4 Pregnancy Signs Before my Missed Period

10 Foods to Stop Morning Sickness

How to Potty Train Your Toddler in 3 Days

The Best Products When Travelling With a Baby

10 Fast Facts About Me

Tea or Coffee?
Coffee all the way! A morning coffee gives me that “ahhhh” moment I need after getting out of the house with two kids!
Heels or flats?
Heels. I spend most of my time in flats so as a result, when I put my heels on, it usually means I’m dressed up going somewhere fun.
Beach break or City break?
Beach break every day. I love beach breaks. When I’m not on holiday, I spend too much of my time planning my next beach break.
Sweet or savoury?
Savoury. Nachos, cheese and jalapeños? Yes please!
Bath or Shower?
A bath. Baths are the ultimate at home pampering time that I treat myself to. They are always accompanied with music, a book and a glass of wine resulting in ultimate relaxation.
Early riser or night owl?
Before children, I was a night owl. Since having children, I don’t have any choice other than being an early riser!
Gym or home workout?
Home workout please. I find it much easier to work out at home due to the convenience. As a Mama, we know our time is precious. I also prefer workout videos, the variety and encouragement, which I treat as my personal trainers.
Apple pie or apple crumble?
This is a difficult one. I love the crumble and I love the crust on pies but I have to pick one, so I’ll go with crumble!
Sauna or steam room?
Sauna. Sauna’s remind me of being on the beach. I close my eyes and pretend that intense heat is the sun!
Musical or play?
It will have to be musicals for me. There’s something about the signing and dancing in musicals that takes me to another place. “The sun’ll come out tomorrowww!” It seems that my eldest is beginning to love musicals too and she’s just at the age where we can start going to West End musicals together and I can’t wait!

My Favourite Posts

I hope you enjoy sharing this journey with me.
Kay x