Baby Shower Registry

Why a Baby Shower Registry is a Must

Preparing to shop for baby items in the midst of pregnancy symptoms can be a huge task. It’s a good idea to have a list of all the items you’ll need in order to ensure you have everything before the baby arrives. A list also comes in useful when preparing your baby shower registry list. See my Top 15 Baby Items for some inspiration. Some parents-to-be feel they shouldn’t create a baby shower registry as it feels as though they are asking for gifts. However, unless your host includes a non gift statement on the invitations, every one of your guests will arrive with a gift whether you create a baby shower registry or not! In this case, it really can be handy to let your guests know what you need.

Reasons to Create a Baby Shower Registry

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10 Reasons for Creating a Baby Shower Registry

  1. You know what you need. Did you go out and splurge on age 0-3 month clothing? If you did, you could probably do with receiving some larger sized clothing. A baby shower registry will allow you to advise your guests on particular sizes or items that you’ll get the most use out of.
  2. You know the type of items that you would like. Let’s say you are limited on space. You might opt for a booster high chair rather than a full baby high chair with legs and a tray. Baby monitors for example come with many features. Would a baby monitor with a movement sensor allow you to sleep more peacefully at night? Like the idea of a video monitor so you can keep an eye on your baby while downstairs. Items that you choose for peace of mind can really reduce some stress as a mother so it’s important to have the items that you need.
  3. You know what suits your decor. Some of us are very particular about our home decor and how baby items fit into to that. Don’t particularly like the idea of an orange highchair in your neural dining room? Guide your guests to the colours you prefer. This will reduce the chances of receiving bright pink storage boxes for your grey, white and yellow nursery.
  4. You prefer gender neutral clothing. So many people naturally buy pink or blue for babies. If you’re not into this, add a few gender neutral options to your baby shower registry. It will help your guests immensely. Even if they choose not to buy from the registry, they’ll have an idea of the style you prefer.
  5. You may want longevity out of your items. If you’re planning to have more children, you might items in gender neutral colours or items that can compact easily for storage.
  6. It makes it so much easier for your guests. Some of your guests just won’t have the time to explore the latest baby trends. Others will admit that they’re just not particularly good at buying gifts. Some would just prefer to buy you something that you actually want or need so they with the assurance that it will be well used.
  7. You lessen the chance of receiving items that you are unlikely to use. You plan to breastfeed but your sister buys you a Perfect Prep Machine. Cloth nappies are your preference and you receive boxes of pampers. Not only are you unlikely to use these items but your guests will also be wasting hard earned cash.
  8. You will save some money. Babies aren’t cheap and if your friends and family want to buy items for you and your baby, help them (and yourself). Include items that you really need so you can use the money you would have spent towards something else the baby will need.
  9. You avoid the duplication of gifts. This could be duplication of items that you’ve already purchased or duplication of gifts from guests. If you use a baby shower registry that shows which items are left to be purchased the process can be a lot easier.

Some guests won’t buy from a baby shower registry. There are those who don’t like them. Then some who love shopping for baby items themselves. Some might even prefer to make a gift for your baby. As lovely as it is to receive items that you need off of your list, the gifts that aren’t on your baby shower registry can end up being some of your most useful or treasured gifts.

For your guests who like the ease of a baby shower registry, set aside a good amount of time to put together a list of baby items that you truly need. In need of some inspiration on what to add to your baby shower registry? Check out my recent post on My Top 15 Baby Items and then download a free copy of my Newborn Essentials Checklist Printables which includes a complete list of items you will need when the baby arrives.

Reasons to Create a Baby Shower Registry

Create Baby Shower Registry

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  1. Thanks for this helpful blog post. For my first child I did not have a baby registry and I got so many duplicates and useless gifts. My next baby has an amazing registry I am looking forward to not wasting time on returns.

  2. Thanks for sharing your ideas. I definitely saved alot of money when I created my first baby registry.

  3. I had a registry with all three of my pregnancies. It helped me to remember what I needed!

  4. I can see how this would be helpful. I don’t think I ever made one for my kids.

  5. My registry was a lifesaver. With having twins, duplicates are needed and a lot of people wouldn’t have remembered without my registry.

  6. Where was this when I was having babies?! Such great tips that all expectant mothers need to read. I will definitely be passing this onto my prego friends.

  7. Christa says:

    Having a registry is such a help! It’s great for planning and saving money.

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