1. It is amazing to me how much baby items have changed since my girls were of that age. I could have used so many of these items 19 years ago! I didn’t realize that the Pack and Play was a travel cot (unless I’m mixing them up). Actually, I like the mosquito patches and may need to get them for adults as well! I thought taking my daughter to Disney when she was young was adventurous but Morrocco and Dubai! WOW.

    • Kay

      I believe a pack n play and travel cot are the same. I’m based in the UK which is why Morocco and Dubai may seem more adventurous. I think a trip to Disney is definitely adventurous with small children, a trip we are yet to try!

  2. Every time I see a young family shlepping their baby gear through an airport I want to tell them it gets easier! Great tips on items that can make travel with baby easier. I had never seen the Skybaby mattress before; much cleanier than finding a spot at your feet on a plane!

    • Kay

      The SkyBaby mattress was definitely a life saver for us when we needed those hands-free moments. Even more usueful was the fact that we didn’t need to move the baby when the seatbelt light went on.

  3. I went to Dubai recently with my 3 kids 9,6, 5. it was not a bad experience as I thought. The only time they got cranky was the 14 hour trip from Atlanta to Istanbul.

    Thank you for sharing these wonderful tips.

  4. I love this baby gear–especially the airline travel mattress. I’d never seen or heard of anything like it. I do think it’s much easier to travel with an infant than with a toddler–once they’re mobile (8 months to 2 years) and before they require their own seat, it’s harder to keep them contained and happy on a plane. My daughter lives 1400 miles away and is having her second baby–the travel mattress would make a great gift (along with airline tickets, of course).

    • Kay

      Airline tickets would be an amazing gift!! The SkyBaby mattress really does make for a more comfortable journey for parents and the infant.

  5. I love seeing my friend’s kid in their baby carrier, so convenient and awesome! I could use some mosquito patches in the summer too

  6. I am not a mom yet but I will try to remember it. Also you list looks ideal as source of presents for my sister, she is always having hard time traveling with my niece.

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